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Our brand

Our Brand Hacienda Monterrey takes the name from the Earldom Monterrey, in Galicia, north of Spain. The first Count of Monterrey was named by the King of Castilla in the X Century.

In the XII century the Count of Monterrey Alfonso de Hernandez become the first king of Portugal by designation of his father the king of Castilla Alfonso VI, dividing, this way, the kingdom of Castilla in two different kingdoms, Castilla and Portugal.

Perez de Zuñiga, Count of Monterrey become viceroy of Nueva España (Mexico, Guatemala and a big part of USA) founding the city of Monterrey in the estate of Nuevo Leon, Mexico, area of wine, tobacco and sugar cane.

Later in 1770 was founded a second city, under the name of Monterrey, in California as the new capital of this estate, belonging in that time to the Spanish Crown.

The sugar cane was taking for first time in to the American continent in 1498 in to the Dominican Republic and in the middle of the XVI century into Mexico.

Mexico is the 7th sugar cane grower in the world, and the area of Monterrey is well known by the quality of the sugar cane produce in this area, due, in great part, to the advance research from the Technology Institute of Monterrey.

The first sugar cane distillation took place in 1433 in Jerez de la Frontera, Cadiz, Spain, internationally well known area for his Jerez (sherry) and brandy

Who are we

Hacienda Monterrey Wines&Spirits s.l., produces and exports the brand of quality rums Hacienda Monterrey in Dominican Republic

We accumulate 60 years of experience in Rum distilling with 35 years of international experience in distributing wines & spirits

Our head offices and commercial team is based in the Capital of Spain Madrid, with give us a close contact with the CEE markets, as well as easies the logistic in the continent

Today our export reaches, USA, Asia & CEE. Being present on the costumers where the rum is treated with the respect that our distillates deserve.

Aging of our rums

Our rums have been design by a Master Rum Oenologist from Dominican Republic together with an expert Spirits Oenologist from Jerez and a group of expert sommeliers for wines and spirits looking for the perfect blend that will suit the palate of European consumer.

We recommend drinking our rums by itself or in the rocks but also are a perfect match for long drinks or cocktails.

The traditional rum aging system consist in simply aging the rum in oak barrels for a number of years, usually in barrels that have been used before for Jerez, wine or whisky.

We age our rums following the system used during centuries in Spain for the aging of Jerez and Brandy, called “Criaderas y Soleras”. This system is also used for the aging of rum in the Caribbean, but is not as normal as the simple aging in used oak barrels.

The Criaderas and Soleras aging system consist in the use of 4 different barrels piled one on top of the other. We have the barrels partially filled with what is called Mother Sol era that it is rum at least, 20 years old.

The rest of the barrel on top is filled up with the rum of a fresh distillation, and stays for about 6 months and them is passed to the second barrel and so on (this system is called waterfall) until we reach the one down bellow called Sol era (suelo is floor in Spanish) with a total aging of 2 years, mixing the rum of the years with the Mother Sol era, 20 Y.O..

Part of the rum of this Sol era barrel is extracted taken to an oak barrel for its final quiet aging during 5 more years in the case of our Añejo and 13 more years in the case of our 15 Y.O. Monterrey rum.

This process is continuous and permanent year after year producing rums with a higher smoothness, complexity and roundness than the usual aging just in barrels.